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Fairground Holdings (Pty) Ltd Continues To Support The Community In Terms Of Corporate Social Responsibility

It was on a chilly Saturday morning of September 15th, 2018 when the Chief Executive Officer of Fairground Holdings, Mrs Gorata Gabaraane honored an invitation to be the Chief Walker for Babusi Ward in Bontleng, under the Theme “A Healthy Nation Towards Independence Celebration”.

The purpose of the sponsored walk as noted by the Organisers was to raise awareness on a healthy nation towards the 2018 Independence celebration that will be held on Sunday 30th September 2018.

Amongst the Chief Walker, there were notable dignitaries including amongst them Babusi Ward Kgosi, Ward Councilors, Independence Organising Committee, Village Development Committee, Babusi Ward residents and Botswana Police Service (Urban South).

As part of the morning’s programme, participants were taken on aerobics as a way of emphasizing the health aspect and how aerobics contributes to healthy body and state of mind.

The Programme was wrapped up with presentation by invited guests. The Chief Walker, Mrs Gabaraane indicated that her company is willing to assist the local community Fairground Holdings (Pty) Ltd operates where possible. She further said that her organisation’s participation was more of a collaboration than sponsorship. She stated that FGH would also like to thank all those who made the walk a success.

She said they believe in assisting the local community they operate within and advised the community to exercise and stay healthy.

Fairground Holdings sponsored the Babusi Ward with 150 T/Shirts worth P9 000 00.